$300K in Prop Bets: PLO Grinder Bets on 100x Buy In Profit

September 1st, 2014 | by Brian Corlisse

UK PLO grinder Bren Lenton fuelling up for his mammoth $300K prop bets. (Image: Twitter @YaAaRnY)

News of a $300,000 Pot Limit Omaha prop bet recently piqued the interests of Isaac Haxton and a slew of community members. Looking for some side action and something to help refocus his mind, Bren ‘YaAaRnY’ Lenton recently took to 2+2 with an ambitious prop proposal. Wanting to test his PLO skills in the riskiest way possible, Lenton stated that he could earn a 100 buy-in profit by playing stakes of $5/$10+ over the course of 31 days

“I love prop bets because they seem like fun. Also, I love a challenge and poker has been getting a bit nitty/ boring lately. So I wanted to do something to motivate myself and make me interested in playing again,” Lenton told PLO website, Nutblocker.

Lenton Just Wants to Have Fun

After the wager attracted a wave of interest, Lenton added the following stipulations to his challenge: a minimum of 70,000 hands must be played, no heads-up tables are allowed, and the odds of the bet will be 2:1 in Lenton’s favor. For many players, the world of PLO is a tough place to thrive and, as soon as the bet was live, a host of naysayers were ready to bet against Lenton. And, as the money flooded in, Isaac Haxton decided to join the wave of negativity and risk $85,000 that Lenton will fail.

In total, the prop bet stands at $300,000, with Lenton risking $100,000 against the community’s $200,000. To ensure this cash is safe, Haxton will be in charge of the funds while the bet is in progress. Moreover, the high stakes pro will distribute the winnings accordingly, once Lenton’s 31-day period is over. Despite many pundits stating that Lenton has no chance of success, the British pro is confident in his abilities and told Nutblocker that the “WCOOP being on” will help his cause.

Moreover, he believes that many of the players that have bet against him are regular opponents; something he feels should give him a greater chance of winning.

The action is currently underway and interested railbirds can follow Lenton’s progress on Twitter (@YaAaRnY) or via the dedicated “100 buy- ins in 31 days prop bet for $300k” thread on 2+2.

Terms of the Bet

To ensure there is no foul play and that everyone is clear on the rules of the bet, Lenton has put together the following terms and conditions:

1 – All hands will be played on PokerStars and Full Tilt.
2 – Any hands played at a heads-up table will not count towards the bet.
3 – Heads-up play at a 6-max or 9-max table is fine. However, Lenton will not be able to request that the table stays heads-up.
4 – Table stakes must be $5/$10+ and Zoom tables are allowed.
5 – Lenton will have 31 days from the hour he first plays a hand.
6 – If someone from Lenton’s immediate family dies, the bet is cancelled. Sufficient documents will be provided as evidence.
7 – To ensure there is no foul play, Lenton will sometimes play on webcam and provide regular updates via Twitter. No other players will help him or play on his account.
8 – Lenton has to win 100 buy-ins and 1 buy-in = 100 big blinds. If at any point he passes the 100 buy-in mark, the bet is won. This will be confirmed by either a judge or PokerStars.
9 – Three judges will decide any disputes.
10 – If for some reason poker in the UK becomes illegal or Lenton gets banned from PokerStars through no fault of his own, the bet is cancelled.
11 – If anything unforeseen happens, such as a major power outage, Lenton has one week to relocate.


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