Eugene Katchalov to Appear in The Mole on Ukrainian TV

September 16th, 2014 | by Brian Corlisse
Eugene Katchalov might be The Mole

Eugene Katchalov had to use all his poker skills to help outwit The Mole. (Image:

Poker pro Eugene Katchalov may not have played much of a role in this year’s World Series of Poker, but in the forthcoming episodes of The Mole, the Ukrainian grinder is one of the show’s stars. Back at the start of the summer, Katchalov hinted that he’d be missing the bulk of the WSOP because he was filming a top-secret TV show in Kiev, Ukraine. Fast-forward a few months and he’s finally revealed that he’s one of the contestants on The Mole, Russian-style.

With filming out of the way and the promotion bandwagon now pressing full steam ahead, Katchalov was able to tweet about his experience earlier this week. Directing his followers to the show’s first trailer, he can be seen in a boardroom facing off with his fellow contestants.

Is the Bluffer The Mole?

According to the show’s blurb and the teaser material, Katchalov was pitted alongside a selection of colorful characters, all of which he had to work with on a series of mental and physical challenges. During the show, the contestants were required to help each other in order to win cash prizes; however, the clever twist is that one member of the group is a secret saboteur hired by the production team to ruin the team’s chances of success.

Being a professional poker player, we can only assume that Katchalov was able to use his cunning and guile to help his teammates build a healthy bank of cash. Either that, or the WSOP bracelet holder was able to bluff and double-bluff his opponents in his role in and as The Mole.

Of course, Katchalov is unable to say whether or not he won The Mole‘s top prize, but for those interested in tuning in, the show will likely find its way onto the Internet in the coming weeks. Brush up on your Russian.

What is The Mole?

The Mole is a European TV show that was created by the production company Woestijnvis in 1999. After initially airing in Belgium, The Mole was then licensed for broadcast in Switzerland before spreading to 40 countries across the world.

The format of the show sees a group of contestants work together in order to complete a series of mental and physical challenges. The more tasks the group completes successfully, the more money they add to the prize pool. However, one member of the group is a double agent known as the mole and their job is to subtly ruin each task without revealing themselves.

In addition to winning prize money, the contestants must use a personal journal to note down things such as seating position, clothing color and general personality traits of each player. At the end of each show, the contestants are tested on their knowledge of The Mole and the player who knows the least about the mystery mole is eliminated. In the final episode, the player with the most accurate profile of The Mole is crowned the winner.


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