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Pornhub Casino Actually Benefit the Poker Industry

Could the world’s largest adult website actually help boost the profile of the poker industry? (Image:

Pornhub, the world’s biggest adult website, has just launched an online casino and poker platform that aims to raise the stakes for male players around the world.

Although the concept of strip poker and the like is nothing new, the fact a site as large as Pornhub is getting in iGaming could potentially by beneficial for the industry.

The ability to host an adult themed casino where dealers and porn stars use their feminine wiles to tempt customers has been made possible over the last two years thanks to the advent of live dealer technology.

Adopted by many established casinos, such as PokerStars and Titan, these tables have put real players in touch with real people and that’s opened up a host of possibilities.

A New Take on Live Dealer Tables

Spotting a gap in the market, a Costa Rican casino company (which is noted as FN Datalive CR on the website) approached Pornhub with the idea of creating an adult site. Pushing the webcam angle, Pornhub agreed and the site finally went live this week.

Looking like any other online casino apart from the topless women, the platform offers a range of standard deposit options and players can play for free or real money; however, everyone must create an account first.

Once inside the site you can choose to play various live dealer casino games with scantily clad women or you can head over to the strip poker portal.

Here the selection of games is much like any other poker site; however, in addition to chips being on the line in cash games and Sit & Go tournaments, your clothes are as well. 

When you join a game the system will ask for access to your computer’s webcam and once the action starts you’ll be required to remove items of clothing each time you lose a pot.

Strip poker games are available in two modes, public or private, with the former open for everyone to see and the latter closed to people on your friend list.

Exposure Could Help Poker

Although the concept of stripping down to your underwear probably won’t appeal to seasoned poker players, the concept could benefit the community as a whole if it exposes more people to the game itself.

According to Alexa’s official rankings, Pornhub is the 64th largest website in the world and has almost 20,000 sites linking into it. Additionally, Pornhub’s own stats show that in 2015 its servers recorded a staggering 21.2 billion visits.

It’s thanks to this popularity that Pornhub has been able to expand its business portfolio to include clothing lines and college scholarships in recent years.

While there’s no guarantee that Pornhub’s popularity will inspire more people to play poker and crossover to sites such as PokerStars, it’s certainly a possibility.

In fact, who knows, maybe in a few months time someone like Phil Hellmuth might become a Pornhub sponsored pro and show us some moves we never wanted to see.