January 2018

Best Mac Poker Sites

Poker Sites for Mac

For years, US Mac online poker players have been left out in the cold when it comes to supported, downloadable online poker sites for Mac computers. Because PC applications will not run on a Macintosh, the options for USA Mac poker sites were quite limited. Now, however, that is no longer the case.

As they have grown increasingly popular year after year, more top poker sites are offering Mac compatible software than ever before. Many of these 2018 Mac poker sites offer download versions while some offer instant play options. We rank the top sites:

  • Fast, secure and easy-to-use software for your Mac.
  • Efficient customer service 24/7/365.
  • Exclusive bonuses for new Mac players.

Since these sites take special care of their Mac players, you don't have to worry about the signup process - it's quick, easy, and free!

Mac Online Poker Sites

USA Mac users will really love the top Mac websites listed above because they have gone out of their way to provide their US online poker site to Mac users in an easy and stylish way, just like Apple users like things. Online Mac software on poker sites is usually identical to the pc version of the game.

Mac software on poker sites is usually identical to the PC version of the game.

In the past, US online poker sites for Mac US players with real money games were nonexistent. One of the major reasons for this is that the majority of poker software applications are executable files (ending in .exe) that cannot be run by a Mac operating system. Most top US Mac poker players turned to an expensive and sometimes dangerous option of emulating a Windows operating system on their Mac computer and running it to play at the best USA online poker sites for Mac. Today, the best places for gaming with a Macintosh offer two different software solutions to their players - a fully functional Mac version of their downloadable software and a no download instant play option for both Mac and PC users. The vast majority of the best Mac online poker sites 2018 use their Flash powered no download software to serve their Mac players. However, a few go as far as to offer the software download just for Mac users.


How do I know if a site is compatible with my Mac?

The best online Mac poker sites will let you know right up front that they have Mac accessible programs. If you see a "download" button, then that is another instant clue that the site in question is compatible with your Mac. Some USA Mac online poker rooms will also display the Apple logo in a prominent place. But if you can't find any indication, and you really want to play at a certain site, you can also contact the customer service on the site to find out if they offer Mac compatible software downloads or online Flash "Instant" versions of their games.

In most cases you will need at least an Intel processor or PowerPC G3, G4 or G5 along with enough RAM. Most online poker sites for Mac require 256MB RAM and up to 100MB hard drive availability. The specifications required should not be a problem for anyone that owns a Mac that is less than 5 to 8 years old.

Can I use the same deposit methods at Mac poker sites?

All of the sites have their own deposit and withdrawal methods listed. The best sites for US online poker players will have all of the standard options available for you to use, just as PC users have.

Are there any Mac poker rooms that have downloadable software?

The best Mac online poker sites in 2018 offer two different software solutions to their players - a fully functional Mac version of their downloadable software and a no download instant play option for Mac, Linux and PC users.

Although many US Mac online poker players would automatically assume that finding an Apple Macintosh compatible internet poker website that offers a downloadable client would be the best option, it is important to not overlook the outstanding developments in no download and Flash poker sites for Mac players. Our expert reviewers have found that the best online poker sites for Mac often come in the form of no download sites.

There are pros and cons to both types of platforms. Mac compatible client downloads take up disk space and require regular updates to keep the program current. Using Flash based web platforms is always current and never requires updating. It doesn't take up any disk space either. However, you may lose some quality with web-based platforms.

What if my favorite site doesn't offer downloadable Mac software?

You can still play if you have a PC emulator installed on your Apple Mac computer. Programs such as Virtual PC or VMware creates a simulated Windows setup on your Mac. The drawback is that in order to get these programs to install properly and work you will need some degree of technical savvy. If you are very serious about playing at a particular site that does not offer downloadable Mac software, or "Instant" play options, you can actually buy the Windows program and install it using a dual boost program such as Parallels or Boot Camp.

Are there any differences between the Mac and Windows versions of poker software?

While the no download or "instant play" versions of sites may lack some games and features that come with a download, these features are usually ones whose absence you may never notice, such as less side games or a reduction in card tracking features. Remember that, even with most downloaded versions, Mac poker site players will receive similar software and regular updates to add features.

Can I play with real money at online Mac poker sites?

Absolutely! That's the whole point, right? Like with PC users, your USA Mac compatible poker sites may also have options for playing without money. That is useful for practicing, getting used to the site and developing your strategy. But when you are ready, you will be able to deposit money into your account and play for real money.