February 2018

Heads Up Online Poker Sites

Most poker sites that offer poker tournament play and sit and go cash games also feature heads up play from time to time. Heads up poker means that you are competing against a single opponent during a poker game rather than multiple opponents. Technically, this can occur during each hand (every player but two folds out) or during every hand when only two players are left at the table. Heads up poker sites take this special type of game play into consideration when designing their software or choosing table limits. Although this part of the game of poker can be exciting, only the best heads up poker sites consider all of the variables in the game before making design decisions.

If the Heads Up poker format is for you, these sites listed are the best online real cash sites to play at. We asked our expert reviewers to pick these out based on the following desirables:

  • Best Heads Up tournaments
  • Great welcome bonuses to new players
  • Best security measures and customer service

What is Heads Up Poker?

Heads Up is the term applied to any poker situation that pits just one player against another. Some will argue it's the ultimate real money poker battle, seeing as it tests your skills in isolation, with the biggest share of the prize pot going to the player who comes out on top.

Heads Up Poker is readily available to play online, and will usually be the format when you come down to the final round of a Sit N Go tournament.  Sit N Go tournaments knock players out at each round, so eventually you come down to two players and Heads Up is the way a winner is decided.

History of Heads Up Poker

Heads Up poker has been around as long as the game itself, with plenty of the earliest formats culminating in one-on-one battles and able to be played with just two players from the get-go.

Poker players and fans love Heads Up play, as it is typically full of drama and the balance can swing in a single hand. Many is the time that Heads Up situations in big tournaments have delivered a huge turnaround and a player has come back from the dead to triumph.

The most prestigious Heads Up event of recent years was the National Heads Up Championship, which ran from 2005 to 2013. There was also a World Heads Up Poker Championship, but that too is no longer in operation. Soon enough it seems inevitable a new tournament will arrive, but in the meantime fans of Heads Up have to make do with watching Heads Up scenarios play out in other major events.

Heads Up Poker Sites FAQ

Can I Play for Free?

Yes you can. The sites listed above all have a free play option that is designed to get you comfortable with the poker formats you will eventually play for real money. There are also freeroll Heads Up tournaments you can enter online, where either no real money fee is charged, or you pay in points earned through other play at the site in question.

Freeroll Heads Up tournaments are a great way to get comfortable with the intensity of Heads Up play, without risking real money in the process. Some even offer real cash as prizes, so you can literally win money for nothing.

Is Playing Poker Online Safe?

We can guarantee your online safety if you stick to the Heads Up poker websites we have recommended. Our experts have vetted these sites to ensure all have the very latest security software installed, and everything in place to keep your personal details safe. We've also made sure the gaming software is transparently fair at all times.

How Do I Sign Up for Tournaments?

The process is usually very straightforward. You'll be able to scan the available tournaments and once you find a Heads Up event that suits, you'll simply click through, commit and pay your entry fee. This fee might be in real money, points, or perhaps even free.

Is Winning Online Easy?

A lot of online poker regulars will tell you Heads Up poker is a great place to find fish, the name given to poker players who are new to the game and don't really know what they're doing yet. This being this case would mean there are plenty of easy marks to be had playing online Heads Up poker.

How Does Heads Up Fit Into a Sit N Go Tournament?

Sit N Go tournaments are an online poker format where you join an event and wait for the table to fill. Once the required number is signed up, the tournament begins and there is typically a beginning, middle and end section. All the way along, players are knocked out until you get down to a final two.

At that point you're effectively in a Heads Up battle. The two remaining players are competing for the 1st place pot prize, with the loser taking home significantly less for finishing 2nd.

Are Bonuses Available at Poker Sites?

Yes they are. All the sites listed above offer generous welcome bonuses to new players. Once you make your initial deposit there is usually a guaranteed match amount set to the certain level. For example, if you deposit $500, the site may add 100% of that amount to double your account to $1,000. This would only apply to your first deposit and a limit would be set on the amount eligible for this reward.

Checking out the sites with the best welcome bonuses is a very important step in making your choice of which site to play online poker at.