November 2015

Prima Poker Sites

Microgaming Prima PokerA staple of online poker networks, the Prima Poker Network is also known as the Microgaming Network. Actually, the software that Microgaming developed drives the Prima Poker Sites, thus many folks use the names interchangeably.

  • With over 40 Prima Network Sites / Skins such as 32Red Poker, the Prima Network relies on their 14 years of experience in the online gaming world.
  • The network continues to grow and offer players an enjoyable poker game.
  • Trusted brands, stable network. Safe and secure.

Here at, we've taken the time to rank the top Prima poker sites & Microgaming poker skins so that you won't have to trod through all 40-plus of them to select the poker site that's right for you.

Microgaming Poker Sites & Skins

Prima poker sites rely exclusively on Microgaming poker software to drive their sites. The software offers several features that are unique to the Prima network such as PlayCheck and CashCheck. With PlayCheck a player can go back and review each and every wager that they made, for those not using poker tracking software such as Poker Tracker or are looking for this information on-the-fly, this is a great free tool made available by Microgaming's quest to offer their players the best. CashCheck is yet another innovative tool that allows players greater control over their cash gaming transactions. Just like checking your banking statement, this is a must-use feature to better manage your bankroll.

With every advance in technology comes additional threats from those that wish to cheat and do harm to honest poker players. This has been demonstrated many times over at many Prima poker sites & skins. Microgaming Poker Sites on the Prima poker network are protected by the latest state-of-the-art Collusion Detection Software (Patent Pending) and advanced client server encryption. What does this mean to you? It means that regardless of where you choose to play based on our top ranked Prima poker sites / skins, that your money is safe and you can play with confidence.

All that's left is to choose which of the sites we have listed that suits you best. Each is amongst the very best in the Microgaming Prima Poker sites, selected for their excellence in graphics, game variety, payouts and bonuses by our experts who spend thousands of hours researching the best poker sites for your playing pleasure. Even though we have given you the best options within the Prima Poker sites, it is a personal choice of which one makes you feel better, and gives you the most pleasure. So spend some time to try each one and see which one you enjoy most. Then you can sit back and relax, knowing that each time you have some free moments, you can enter your network site and have the advantage of playing against some of the best poker players online, and winning bigger jackpots thanks to the network.

You can be sure that each of the sites using the Microgaming Prima Poker Network skins has excellent customer service ready to assist you if you have any problems or questions. We only allow those Prima poker sites to occupy our lists because we want you to be assured that when you join them, you have the support you need to get everything working smoothly, and with no hassles. Game time is supposed to be fun time, not frustrating time. Leave the frustrations behind, and play today.


When was Microgaming Network founded and how has it fared?

The Microgaming Poker Network has a rich history. They're actually part of Microgaming, and if that name sounds familiar, it's because they were online gambling pioneers. Microgaming released the world's first Internet casino back in 1994. They've come a long way in two decades - Microgaming Network Poker sites software is extremely modern and well respected among the Texas Hold'em playing community.

How popular is Microgaming Network?

In terms of traffic, it consistently makes its way into the top 12 poker sites. The Microgaming Network sees about 8,000 players online at any given moment. That adds up to thousands of cash players at the tables and equally high traffic in tournaments. The numbers are so high that Microgaming Network's play-money traffic eclipses a lot of real-money traffic numbers at competing Internet card playing websites.

What poker sites run on the Microgaming Network?

Some great sites, actually. 32Red Poker, BetVictor, Poker Time, and Spin Palace Poker are just a few of the web-based poker sites that sit on the Microgaming Network. In all, Microgaming Poker Network boasts around 30 online poker websites, with that number expected to grow bigger this year.

Does the Microgaming Network have rooms that accept US players?

Unfortunately, no. If you're in the US looking to play at online poker sites, the Microgaming Network isn't your best bet. The Internet poker sites on the Microgaming Network network cater mostly to Europeans. If you live in the US, you'll find way too many barriers to playing at Microgaming Network poker online sites.

What kind of poker games can I play at Microgaming Network sites?

You name it. No Limit Texas Hold'em. Limit Hold'em. Pot Limit Hold'em. Omaha games. Cash games. Tournaments. Sit 'n Go tourneys. The list goes on and on. The Microgaming poker network also offers a number of games that you can't find at most online poker websites, including 5 Card Draw, 5 Card Stud, and RAZZ.

What makes the Microgaming Network good for players?

It's not just one thing. When it comes to poker rooms, the Microgaming network has a lot going for it. Variety. Bigger bonuses. Stake levels for every bankroll.

What kind of online poker action can I find at Microgaming Network?

The nice thing about the Microgaming Network is that it includes a number of sportsbooks on its roster. Sports bettors don't tend to be the best online poker players. In fact, they're known as being pretty loose, willing to chase the most mediocre hand. That means you can expect to see more action and big pots than what you'd find at Internet poker sites without sportsbooks on their network.

More Poker Networks

US Players Not Accepted

BetVictor Poker is a relatively new site on the Microgaming Network having previously been an iPoker site under the VC Poker brand. BetVictor is part of the large high street bookmakers Victor Chandler, they offer a large choice of games & tournaments with a sign up bonus worth up to €500.

Sign up at BetVictor Poker for a €500 Bonus! BetVictor Poker
200% up to €500Deposit Bonus
US Players Not Accepted

32 Red Poker is a cool microgaming poker site that runs on the Microgaming poker network. One of the things that makes 32 Red poker shine is because their customer support is second to none. They also offer new players a great bonus that is worth up to $1000!

Sign up at 32Red Poker for a $1000 Bonus! 32Red Poker
100% up to $1000Deposit Bonus