July 2017

Best Websites for Low Rake Poker

Low Rake Poker Sites

The Rake can be a very controversial topic for online poker players. If the poker website starts taking too much players feel cheated and animosity can grow quickly. That's why we've taken the trouble of collating a list of great poker sites with low rakes to play at. Our expert reviewers are out to make sure you have the best online poker experience, and make the most money, possible. Here are the factors considered in their reviews:

  • Sites with the lowest rakes
  • Great welcome bonuses
  • State-of-the-art software and gaming function

Why The Rake Exists and How It Works

The Rake is one of the main ways on online real money poker site makes its money. Rakes are effectively fees charged by a poker website for putting on each hand. They're taken as a percentage of a pot, so for every hand played a real money poker website will move a set share of the funds won into its own account. This percentage varies from site from site.

Rakes are collected from the winnings of an online poker hand, so if you're lucky or good enough to triumph, you should expect to see a cut of your reward sliced off and delivered to the house. This is considered payment for the hosting services of the poker website, who would otherwise not profit from a poker hand as the only possible winners are the players at the virtual table.

Why The Rake is Such a Controversial Issue

Poker players understand why The Rake online has to exist, but that doesn't mean we have to like it. After all, it's never easy to accept somebody taking a cut of the money you've just won by playing amazing poker.

Without online poker Rake, however, poker websites might argue they have no incentive to put on the real money games we love to play. Unlike a game like Blackjack, where the house is regularly taking chips in winnings, real money poker awards only the players at the table in regulation play.

That's the reason poker online Rakes have become a go-to method of collecting fees. They have long been collected in land-based casinos and it was a natural progression for the same process to be adopted when online poker exploded in the 1990s.

Low Rake Poker FAQ

How Much Do Poker Websites Take in Rake?

Rake percentages vary depending on the real money poker site you're playing at, and the format of the poker you're playing. The range would typically fall somewhere between 2% and 10%, with the sites listed on this page towards the lower end of that level.

How is Rake Collected by Poker Websites?

Let's use the example of a Texas Hold'em no limit game with the poker online Rake set at 4%. If you win a hand and there's $1,000 in the pot, you're going to see $40 taken in rake, being 4% of your winnings. This amount will be siphoned off instantly, leaving you with $9,960 paid into your online poker account as your share.

 Are There Different Types of Rake Systems?

Yes there are. The Rake we've outlined in the above example would be the most typical, but there are other ways for an online real money casino to collect income from poker. Here are a few of the most popular methods:

  • Entry fees collected for tournaments. Using this method an online poker site charges a buy-in to enter a tournament and does not need to collect rakes as the tournament progresses.
  • Subscription fees. Some online poker sites opt to charge a monthly or annual subscription fee, instead of taking a rake from every hand.
  • The Timed Rake system works by taking a cut from the pot at set intervals, as determined by the online poker site.

What Is Rakeback?

Rakeback is where a percentage of Rakes taken is returned to a player, typically as a bonus for staying loyal to a site. The details of Rakeback systems vary from site to site, but they're a great way of keeping punters happy.

Do All Poker Websites Collect Rake?

Most of the top poker websites collect Rake from at least some of their tables; though there will always be games to be found where no Rake is charged at all.  Rakefree poker typically means the poker website is collecting in some other fashion, or using its poker offering as a means to drive traffic towards other online gambling properties.

Is it Safe to Play Online Real Money Poker?

It's 100% safe to play online real money poker if you stick to the sites we've picked above. These poker sites have been thoroughly vetted and our experts consider them to be risk-free environments, in terms of your banking and security details.

Is it Legal to Play Online Real Money Poker?

The laws on real money online gambling differ depending on where you live. In some parts of the world it's completely legal, while others have legislation in place that stands against it. If you're not sure where you stand, the best practice is always to consult with a qualified legal professional.

How do I Register for an Online Real Cash Poker Website?

Pick one of the sites above and register for an account. You'll need to make a cash deposit straight away to get playing, and from there you'll be eligible to enter all the available online poker games and tournaments.