Top Five Eccentric Poker Moments

Phil Hellmuth, baby suit, Poker Night in America

You have to be a little bit “different” to make a living as a professional gambler, and thus the game of poker is not short of the odd idiosyncratic character or two. Here are top five favorite eccentric moments.  # 5 What the Hellmuth? Everyone knows that Phil Hellmuth loves dressing up, but he usually… Read More

Bad Boys of Poker – On the Wrong Side of the Law

Dan Bilzerien

The Bad Boys of Poker: from the minnows to the sharks, this is one school of fish you dare not tread with in the tank for too long without a safety line. Bad as in “bad boys” can be seen as a couple garden varieties. One variety is “Wow, that cat is bad. Have you… Read More

Could Oculus Rift revolutionise poker?

Oculus Rift and Internet Poker

Since the developer’s version of the device was unveiled to the public, the Oculus Rift has rekindled hopes that widespread integration of virtual reality (VR) in everyday life may be just around the corner. Gaming geeks were especially excited by the news, as the way they interact with their favourite titles could experience the most… Read More

Deck of Cards: By Numbers

Deck of Cards

How much attention do you pay to the suits of a deck of cards when you’re playing? Did you know that the four kings are based on actual historical leaders? Do you know where clubs, spades and diamonds originate? And what’s a king called in Spain? Wonder no more. With our handy fun guide, you’ll… Read More

5 Of The Best Poker Card Tricks And Shuffles

Card Trick

When people think of card tricks, they probably think of David Blaine-type manipulations that involve hiding cards on someone’s body or conjuring the chosen card out of thin air or fire. While this is one extreme, there is also a whole range of tricks that offer more practical uses than shock and showmanship, even in… Read More

Facial Tells: Have Microsoft Developed a Way For You to Suss Out Your Poker Opponents?

Annette Obrestad

Social media loves a gimmick, and the latest to distract you (for about, ooh, the next two days) from that spreadsheet you had to hand in two hours ago is For the uninitiated, Microsoft’s lets you upload pictures of you or your loved ones and using some kind of facial recognition software we… Read More

5 Facts You Might Not Know About The World Series of Poker

Johnny Moss and Jack Binion

The premier event of its kind, the World Series of Poker and many of its satellite tournaments, are broadcast annually to a global audience. The tournament’s influence spans movies, TV, branded lottery contests, video games, and seemingly knows no boundaries as it continues to grow year-after-year. Despite its tremendous exposure, a tournament with a rich… Read More

Swords and Poker Adventures Brings RPG Fun to Android

Swords and Poker Adventures

Swords and Poker Adventures is a new release on the Android market that may catch the interest of poker enthusiasts and video game fans alike. The game is a reboot of the Sword and Poker series by Gaia released in 2010 on Swords and Poker Adventures iOS. In July of 2014, popular video game developer… Read More

Best Charity Poker Tournaments of All Time

Antonio Esfandiari Big One For One Drop

Poker players, by their nature, are not the most charitable of people. After all, poker is a game of dog-eat-dog, where the winner takes all and the loser is left with nothing more than a ‘wp gg’ and empty pockets. But for some people, poker is all about giving to a good cause (and we… Read More

Poker Etiquette – How to behave at the table

Tip correctly at poker tables

Keep your elbows off the dinner table. Don’t burp in people’s faces. Women and children first. Don’t urinate in public. All the rules we’ve been conditioned to follow in order to behave properly around other people help us get along. Necessary or not, they must be abided by. Hunting live animals is okay, but use… Read More