Wi-Fi in the Sky – Airlines with On-board Internet Access

on-board Wifi

Major airlines all around the world are scrambling to be the first to offer their passengers a fully operative, high quality Wi-Fi service in-flight on all their fleets and across all classes of travellers. This is great news for online poker players who can’t bear the thought of being away from the table during a… Read More

What kind of poker players would Premier League managers make?

Manchester City's manager, Manuel Pellegrini

One would think that poker and football are as far apart as it gets when comparing different games together. However, a closer look reveals that the poker baize and the football pitch have a lot more in common other than the colour green. From the managing aspect of a football team, a strategic mindset and… Read More

Top Poker Life Hacks For Players

poker life hacks

Poker is ultimately about gaining an edge, however small, on your opponents. You don’t need to be the best player in the world, you just need to be better than the players you are playing. With that in mind, here are six poker life hacks to help you leapfrog the competition. Learn to multi-table In… Read More

Becoming the Great Dane: How Gus Hansen Became a Poker Icon

Gus Hansen, Poker, Backgammon

He might be the most volatile poker player in the world, but behind the apparent madness of Gus Hansen sits a master tactician with an advanced knowledge of games and strategy. For many of you, the name Gus Hansen will be synonymous with crazy plays, lucky outdraws and high-stakes swings; however, away from his facade… Read More

Using Play Money Games to Develop Real Money Online Skills

It may be only play money online games, but the skills you'll develop for playing cold, hard cash games later on will be real! (Image: rainbow resource center)

If you’re new to online poker, or live anywhere that makes real-money games difficult to access, chances are you’re sizing up the many play-money poker games found on social gaming sites like Zynga Poker or alongside the real-money games at major poker rooms on the web. Play money games are – as the name suggests… Read More

Top 5 Poker Apps – Best 5 Poker Programs

Insta Poker Coach

Improve Your Game with the Top Poker Apps To become a more proficient poker player and to know when to “hold’em” and when to “fold’em” you need to acquire a certain number of skills. Fortunately, whether you need help with fold equity, a crash course in 3-betting, or knowing when to move all-in on the… Read More

Getting Catty at Poker: Time to Quit When You’re Not Playing Purrfect

Cats – they never know when to stop, do they? Jumping in boxes, trolling humans, dogs and other cats, knocking over things, clawing, being cute, photobombing and more. Frankly, though, many cats would suck at poker – their impatience and arrogance, along with an innate sense of self-importance, means they make rash, costly decisions. It… Read More

The Walking Dead Show Their (Poker) Hands


Light-fearing, moaning monsters that would sooner leave you destroyed and broke than say hello is just one way to describe the average online poker player. Known more for their pinpoint accuracy with a pair of aces than their social skills, these players are certainly more akin to money-hungry zombies than regular human beings. Indeed, such… Read More

PokerStars Makes Shock Return to US


Obama pardon frees up leading online poker site to trade to US players (CNN) — In a move that is set to rock the online poker industry in the USA, and will surely raise eyebrows at their closest rivals, major poker room PokerStars.com is set for a dramatic return to America. PokerStars was shut down… Read More

Dissecting the Grey’s Anatomy of Poker Hands

Dr. Alex Karev A-A

ABC’s long-running television hit show Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most popular medical dramas in the world, thanks both to its engaging storylines and its varied and interesting characters. From intellectual and insecure to optimistic and overpowering, the diversity of personalities in Grey’s Anatomy is one of the main reasons why audiences have been… Read More